December 27, 2017
In The News

By: Letters to the Editor

Re: “Voting for a tax plan that will hurt her constituents” [Opinion, Dec. 26]: This article is very misleading. This UC Irvine law professor spends an entire paragraph talking about tax provisions in the original bill that would hurt UCI. He has a paragraph about the deduction that was removed for fire victims.

Then he admits that the offensive items were removed in the final tax bill. Yet, he still uses this in his attack on Mimi Walters. There was no reason to discuss provisions that were not in the final version.

Mimi Walters voted for the final bill that removed these offensive items.

— James Haynes, Irvine

Not the tax plan’s fault

Of Professor Marian’s column decrying Rep. Mimi Walter’s vote on tax reform, the professor writes, “UC Irvine is one of the biggest employers” and “one of the county’s greatest institutions.”

Good grief. It is an agency of the state of California built and supported in large part by taxpayers. Only in recent years have exorbitant salaries and benefits throughout the UC system forced the cost of tuition skyward causing the “particularly acute effect on UCI,” the rest of the UC system, students, their families and taxpayers.

— Gerald Dyer, Trabuco Canyon

Tax plan helps me

Re: “Tax plan a lump of coal” [Letters, Dec. 27]: Letter writer Elise Power is wrong when she writes that the tax plan is “a lump of coal in American’s Christmas stocking.” I just estimated my 2018 taxes and my taxes were reduced $800. I’m retired and on a fixed income, this was a gold nugget in my stocking. Thank you, President Trump.

— David Warner, Dana Point