September 20, 2016
In The News

As I travel around Orange County, the people I represent have expressed their frustration with Washington. They witness the Obama administration making dangerous deals with our adversaries. They turn on the news to see a Congress depicted as partisan and gridlocked. They see a federal government that smothers small businesses in bureaucratic red tape. They see signs of an anemic economy. They see our veterans suffering because they are not receiving the care they have earned. The people I represent believe that our country is heading down a dangerous path, and they are rightly concerned about the future for their children and grandchildren.

I could not agree more. I, too, am unhappy with the direction our country is headed. I came to Congress to make the country safer, stronger and more prosperous for future generations, and that is my focus each day I serve the people of California’s 45th District.

While the media emphasize areas of partisan disagreement, this Congress has produced real, measurable progress. Since the start of this Congress in January 2015, the “people’s house” has been focused on improving life for the American people. House Republicans have demonstrated that they are doing just that, as we have been more effective and more efficient than previous Congresses.

Our committees have approved 740 bills, 601 of which have gone on to pass the full House of Representatives. To put that in perspective, we have moved 13 percent more bills out of committee and passed 28 percent more bills than the 25-year average. Of the bills passed by the House, 212 have also passed the Senate, a whopping 84 percent increase over the last Congress.

In spite of those statistics, Orange County residents have told me they believe Washington is broken and unproductive. I also share their frustration, because we have sent so many common-sense and productive solutions to the president’s desk, only to have them rejected. In order for the legislation we pass to become law, the president must sign those bills, yet President Obama has vetoed more legislation in the last 20 months than he did during the first six years of his administration combined. That is not just frustrating, it is also preventing our policy ideas from providing real solutions for the American people.

Despite this opposition, we have enacted laws that will make life easier for the American people. We have focused on growing our economy by encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation. We have worked to protect our communities by implementing legislation to combat the nationwide opioid epidemic and prevent human trafficking. We have strengthened our national security by bolstering our cybersecurity efforts, levying new sanctions against North Korea and blocking terrorists’ abilities to access financing and logistical support. We have fought for those who have fought for us by improving health care and other services for our veterans and securing cost-of-living raises for our troops.

While I am proud of what we have accomplished so far in the 114th Congress, we still have a great deal of work to do. I urge you to contact me on issues that are important to you, because the feedback I gather from you continues to be my greatest resource as I push for real results to create a stronger America for our children and grandchildren. If we may be of assistance to you in any way, do not hesitate to contact our office at or at 949-263-8703.

Mimi Walters represents the 45th Congressional District, which includes the communities of Irvine, Tustin, North Tustin, Villa Park, Orange, Anaheim Hills, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo.