September 6, 2017
Press Release
September 6, 2017
Contact: T.W. Arrighi
(202) 225-5611

Rep. Mimi Walters: The SELF DRIVE Act Will Reduce Congestion and Save Lives in Orange County

Washington, DC – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bipartisan SELF DRIVE Act (H.R. 3388), which would provide guidelines and rules to advance self-driving technology while ensuring these cars are safe for the road.

Following passage of the bill, Rep. Mimi Walters (R-California) said the following:

“Self-driving cars can revolutionize society, while saving lives and improving safety on our roads.  Sadly, there were 3,500 traffic fatalities in California in 2016, a 13% increase over the previous year.  Nearly 94% of traffic accidents are caused by human error and self-driving technology could save 300,000 lives each decade.

“In Orange County, traffic congestion and crowded roads are a way of life.  Self-driving cars have the ability to dramatically reduce traffic congestion and commute times on our roads.  By reducing traffic congestion, Orange County residents will have more time to spend with their families and in their communities.

“I proudly supported the SELF DRIVE Act, which would allow testing of this life-changing technology, further advancing the integration of self-driving vehicles into our society.  The information gathered from this testing will dramatically improve public safety.

“The SELF DRIVE Act can make our roads safer, alleviate congestion, and improve mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities.  I thank my colleagues for their support of this important legislation.”

Walters represents California’s 45th District and serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.