June 28, 2017
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For Immediate Release

June 28th, 2017

Contact: T.W. Arrighi

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Washington, DCCongresswoman Mimi Walters (California-45) gave the following remarks today during the House Committee on Energy & Commerce markup on H.R.3053, the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2017.


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“Thank you Mr. Chairman.

All of the bills we’re marking up today are important because they will improve and strengthen our energy infrastructure.

One in particular, the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendment Act, is especially important to my state.

Just south of my district is the decommissioned San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station – it’s known as SONGS.

Eighteen hundred tons of spent nuclear fuels sits at SONGS.

The federal government owes it to Southern California residents, and every other American living near a facility with spent fuel, to fulfill its obligation and take ownership of that fuel.

This bill is the first step towards that goal.

It’s important to get the process right so we can move forward concurrently on an interim storage program and a permanent repository.

I believe the bipartisan compromise that will be offered this morning strikes the right balance.

For over thirty five years, ratepayers have contributed more than forty billion dollars to the Nuclear Waste Fund.

California ratepayers alone have contributed over two billion dollars to that same fund, which has supported work to establish a permanent repository.

The status quo isn’t working.

This bill recognizes that and puts forth solutions to address the need for interim and permanent storage.

I yield back.”


Walters represents California’s 45th District and serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.