The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is tasked with helping American taxpayers understand their tax responsibilities and enforcing the law with integrity and fairness. Unfortunately, far too often, this agency falls short of its mission.  In Washington, Mimi is working to make the tax code simpler, fairer, and flatter, while ensuring the IRS carries out its mission. She believes that the IRS should work for the people, which is what government should do.

If you have had an issue with the IRS, Mimi’s office can make inquiries on your behalf on matters including: refunds; tax liens; offer in compromise; unpaid taxes; and payments and penalties.

The processing time for refund returns depends on how you filed, and varies case by case.  You’ll have an option to e-file and request a direct deposit, or e-file and request a paper check. Generally, you will receive your refund more quickly if you request a direct deposit.

You can check the status of your tax return here (IRS website) or by calling 800-829-1954. It will be helpful to have your tax return or social security number, filing status, and the exact amount of your refund readily available. To find out if your refund check has been cashed, call 800-829-1954 and request Form 3911, the Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund. If you have lost your refund check and it has not been cashed, the IRS may be able to provide a replacement check.

The Local Taxpayer Assistance Center may also be able to help. To schedule a meeting and find their nearest location, please call 844-545-5640.