"As our kids grow up and our parents age, being able to adjust work schedules to accommodate personal responsibilities would be a tremendous help. Under this bill, employees could spend more time with their families and in their communities, while working for an employer that understands their needs."
— Mimi Walters

Why Workflex?

  • Studies show that employees want a work environment that balances their personal and professional responsibilities.
  • A combination of paid leave benefits and flexible work arrangements can help employees better strike that balance.
  • Flexible work schedules can make a workplace more productive, innovative, and satisfying because employees have the ability to tailor their work hours to accommodate their personal needs.

What is Workflex?

  • Workflex is a combination of paid leave and flexible work options.
  • Employers who adopt a workflex plan would be required to provide:
    • Paid leave to all employees, scaled to the size of the employer and an employee's tenure with the employer.
    • At least one of six voluntary workflex options, such as telework, job-sharing, and compressed scheduling.
  • Employees are not required to adopt a flexible work schedule in order to receive paid leave.
  • All employees would receive paid leave even if they don’t adopt a flexible work schedule.
    • Care for your aging family member;
    • Volunteer in your community; or
    • Chaperone your child's field trip.


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